Thursday, June 4, 2009

Goodbye...Lesson and Sample photo #1

Well I hope everyone had enough time to get the graphing done and the sketch of either the photo sample I provided or your own photo completed up to now. Also I would like to inform everyone that with Yahoo 360 closing I will be posting on Yahoo profiles, Blogger and Flickr from now on. My Yahoo profiles address is and is basically the same as 360 and Facebook. My Blogger address is which when you view the sample photos at this site the photos will actually upload much larger which will enable you to see so much more detail and finally my Flickr address is which I will also be posting the lesson and sample photo(s). You will still be able to contact me with any questions.
Now back to the lesson. As you can see by the sample photo I first did my graph and when that was completed I began the sketch in of my work. You don’t have to get every single detail from the photo you may be working on sketched out. Just go for the basics and forget the smaller details that would not be seen with the naked eye anyway. Do not try and sketch out in pencil every tile on a side of a building or every crack in a sidewalk…just think of it as a coloring book where you will add all the details when you are inking in. Keep the pencil sketch very simple like in my sample photo.
Once this has been completed take your .25 mm pen or your .30 mm pen and begin inking in the outlines of the buildings, sidewalk and telephone and power lines. Also take your .25 mm pen and add any tall grasses or distant tree lines in. If you want to you can add some stippling using the .25 mm pen along the shaded sides of the buildings once you have completed inking in the outlines. Remember to ink in any tree’s that are in the foreground before inking the buildings in. We will begin adding more details in next lesson post. REMEMBER!!! Yahoo 360 is closing on July 13th so write down the address so you do not miss any lessons.

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