Monday, April 13, 2009

A Cold Decembers Day...Lesson and Sample #3

If you’ll look at what I have done on the right hand side of the piece you’ll notice how I try and layer my vertical pen work. I start by drawing uniformed vertical lines and then add more if I want more texture and tone value. Remember that when you do this only apply them about half way to maybe three quarters of the way over your original lines. I am trying to create a good value of tones and if I had brought them all the way over my first application this would just be far darker than I want. I also will do separate bunches giving the feeling of many small tag elders grouped tightly together instead of just one continues bunching of trees.
Also study how I have begun creating the tree in tree foreground. I have just drawn its outline and some curved line work to give it shape, I’ll wait later in the work to add detail. The pine tree directly behind it is done by outlining it and then scribble work (refer to study sheets in my Flickr account).
Also I began adding some of the stippling details to my nieces jackets using my .25 mm pen. You do not need to do this and for the beginners just concentrate on the trees and surrounding background. I just have a need for a bit of change in techniques and often will jump over to some other subject in my work but I ONLY do this when I have the general sketch work out…keep that in mind. Any questions email me.

Monday, April 6, 2009

A Cold Decembers Day...Lesson and Sample #2

Now I need you to refer to the pen & ink tree and foliage studies found on my Flickr account to begin work on the surrounding tree line of this piece. For you beginners I recommend taking a separate sheet of paper and practice these techniques before laying any ink on the actual piece you are working on.
Keep in mind that you want to layer the tree line. Sketch in the trees that you want the detail on and then work back with some of the lesser detailed foliage and so on. Once you have those sketched begin inking the outline of them in. Now here is where it gets a little tricky. You will notice that you have spaces of white left in between those trees…here is where vertical lines come in. I want you to use your smaller sized pens and fill in all the spaces between those trees. Remember your perspective and make both your trees and vertical lines smaller and smaller as you work towards the bridge. Now for the tree line behind the bridge this we will do with the same vertical lines but before you do this complete both sides of the road nearest to your subjects.
If you have any questions email me.