Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Goodbye...Lesson and Sample photo #2

Now once I have completed outlining one side of the work I complete the line work in the distant tree line using my .30 mm pen to do the vertical line work along with some distant pine trees and telephone line poles. I then will take my .25 mm pen and add some more vertical line work to the distant tree line to add depth and tone.
I continue with my .25 mm pen and begin working on the actual power and telephone lines crossing my skyline of the piece. I also begin stippling in the road and sidewalk. The road and sidewalk will be stippled entirely but I will go back in later on in the work’s progress and add anything like potholes and cracks and things of that nature. Do not worry about that now…focus on the first steps and follow each step and the work will come out great…rush anything and you will have problems. You will also notice I have some birds sketched out…ignore those for right now. Chances are I may not ink those in and go with something different but in any case I usually leave the sky for last but what ever works for you is what you go with, I just give suggestions.
Remember that 360 will be closing on July 13th 2009. You will still be able to follow along on the sites I have provided below.


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